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Sinar Digital Backs
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The new Sinarback S 30|45

Introducing an extremely versatile and reliable device for Imaging Professionals!

The S 30|45 is a mobile Sinarback with 3" Display for outstanding single shots and Video applications.

Product Launch at Photokina Cologne 20 – 25 September 2016.
Pricing will be available just as soon as possible.
Delivery: Late October 2016.

Display Side View
The above image shows the back's various connectors, OFF-ON/ES-CPL Mode Switch, LiveView & Record Video buttons, Joystick and Navigation Wheel. In addition, there are four Soft Keys which can be assigned custom functions. There's a HDMI-Out connector located inside the recess of the back's angled left side, this is also where the USB3 connector resides.

Sensor Side View
Back shown without Adapter Kit.
At launch there'll be a sinar p3 / lanTec / arTec Adapter and a month or so later the S-CS Adapter.


For Studio and Outdoor use
Battery Powered or Tethered to Mac
3” Display with Live View Focusing
Dual Memory Card Slot (CF/SD)
Video (4K/Full HD)
37.5MP Leica Max CMOS Image Sensor
Leica Maestro II Image Processor
Ergonomic Design
Developed in cooperation with Leica

Sinarback S 30|45: Exquisite Mobility

The new Sinarback shows the perfect symbiotic collaboration between Sinar and Leica.
The 37.5 MP CMOS sensor rapidly realizes your one shot captures.
When shooting tethered with Sinar CaptureFlow—your data is stored directly on your Mac via USB 3.0.

At any stage and light situation the high-resolution 3“ display guarantees the perfect view.
With Live View active, it provides compositional and critical focusing feedback, as well as image review and navigation. In addition, the configuration of the default settings of the back can be configured and saved.

The image above shows the easy access Battery Slot. (left image)
The right side image shows the cover-protected Dual Card Slot.
Two cards ensure a secure workflow when shooting on location.

S 30|45 — The Sinarback with integrated Video Capabilities
The S 30|45 offers even more than outstanding still images. The Leica Max CMOS image sensor and the Leica Maestro II image processor also delivers a choice of Video shooting formats; from Full HD up to 4K.
Making the S 30|45 a unique and extremely versatile solution for both Photography and Video.
The S 30|45 provides the tools for more creative possibilities and potential business opportunities.

Digital Back Display Side Control Elements

The Sinarback S 30|45 offers maximum shooting versatility with extreme sensor sensitivity of up to 12,500 ISO And it provides the hardware and feature-set to ensure you capture images and video in the highest quality.

The S 30|45 perfectly suits the Sinar view camera range but can also be used in other numerous configurations.


Sinarback S 30|45 Versatility Chart




Sinar S-CS Adapter


Besides using the traditional Sinaron HR lenses on a Sinar p3-df View camera, the photographer now has the option to integrate the Leica S (CS) lens range.
The new Sinar S-CS Adapter provides seamless integration between a Leica-S (CS) Lens and a new Sinarback S 30|45 Digital Back.

A system consisting of a Sinarback S 30|45 digital back, a Sinar S-CS Adapter and a Leica S (CS) lens makes a perfect kit that is compact and easy to use.



Technical Data — Sinarback S 30|45

Sinarback eXact...

12 to 192 MP digital back !

Also available in CTM version with clear glass filter.
The new Sinarback eXact enhances Sinar’s existing digital back technology by adding additional features—whilst simultaneously preserving their uncompromising dedication to producing high-quality digital capture devices that are reliable and long-lasting tools for use in Professional Imaging.

The Sinarback eXact is Sinar’s new flagship model and offers the superb image quality that all Sinarbacks are famous for, whilst adding new features over previous models.

The Sinarback eXact’s feature-list adds four additional shooting modes. One of which is the new XL 16-Shot mode. This 192 MP mode uses micro scanning to increase the sensor’s spatial resolution and to provide full colour sampling for each and every half-pixel step. The process provides fully sampled—and thus true and accurate colours—and this in turn produces images with greater contour sharpness over what’s possible via any single-shot method of capture. To experience just how stunning and rich in detail Sinarback eXact images can be, you really must see the images for yourself.

Based on the legendary 16-shot technology from former Sinar digital backs—the micro-scanning function has been significantly refined for use with the new Sinarback eXact.

Sinarback eXact = multiple shooting modes...

modesAs you can see in the table, there are two XL modes where the back shoots an effective 192 MP sensor.

There's the XL 4-shot mode, which provides 192 MP ‘single-shot quality’ with interpolated colours—and there's the XL 16-shot mode as was mentioned previously. The new Sinarback eXact sets new image-quality standards thanks to the integrity of the information sampled and this of course ideally suits applications where larger file sizes and/or highest quality/colour-accuracy is mandatory. But wait, there’s more to the new Sinarback eXact...

Sinarback eXact: All in One?
When biggest may not be best for your workflow...
In recent years, there's been an ever-increasing upward trend in the pixel density of MFD sensors. However, in some instances of production, not only Sinar, but their clients too, have become acutely aware of the post-production burden when producing images that are way too large for the purpose at hand.

Less is more?
Sinar has added two shooting modes which effectively reduce the effective pixel count of the sensor—thus reducing overall file size—all without affecting image quality for the smaller file-sizes produced. This is ideal in circumstances where the need for more pixels is outweighed by the intended purpose of the image. So besides the regular capturing modes—one and four-shot modes with 48 MP—the Sinarback eXact enables you to render smaller 12 MP and 21 MP one-shot images. These features precisely meet the strong demand from Sinar’s clients, which allow the Photographer to capture smaller file-sizes when the need arises. And this adds versatility making the Sinarback eXact the perfect capture device for all types of professional high-end studio photography and for use in Heritage Recording, Archiving and Art Reproduction tasks.

Quality First
The Sinarback eVolution75/86 H and now the new model Sinarback eXact all inherit Sinar's uncompromising commitment to the highest standards in image quality. One important example for all multi shot Sinarbacks is that Sinar refrained from adding any noise or heat-producing components such as a Display, Battery or any Internal Memory. These are well-known sources of heat and without them; the image quality obtained is frankly better. And finally—a Sinarback device lasts longer, is more stable and consistent shot-to-shot because it employs both Active and Passive cooling—and a cooler sensor and electronic components will last longer—thereby protecting your investment for many years to come.

Sinarback eXact is 100% compatible with Sinarback eVolution75/86 H. It can be used with existing adapter kits and other Sinar accessories. For best results we recommend the use of the Sinaron HR lenses.

Specifications *

Sinarback eXact Specifications

* Specifications or the terminology used is subject to change prior to the back's release in Q4, 2012.

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digital back
Also available in CTM version with clear glass filter.
Sinar Multi-shot products meet the highest quality demands in professional photography without compromise.

When designing a back, Sinar's goals are to achieve a harmonious balance between the many physical and technical challenges involved. The result? Capture devices made to exacting levels of precision which are perfectly tailored to the demanding tasks at hand.

And this no-compromise approach is precisely what Sinar offers as complete solutions.

Sinarback eVolution86 H
With 48.8 million pixels resolution, it not only guarantees optimal picture quality and color reproduction, but also allows you to take full advantage of proven efficiency and production cost-savings offered by Sinar's expertise in digital back design and workflow optimisation.

The Sinarback eVolution86 H has the same design concept as the eVolution75 H, where heat-generating components such as the display, internal memory and CF card hardware are removed entirely. The benefit is superior capture speed and image quality. And because there's no display screen, there's no need to make shoot-presets on the back as this has been handed over to the CaptureShop application to be managed in software.

The back has a FireWire 800 port connection (IEEE 1394B) between digital back and computer. This is state-of-the-art for digital data exchange and not only makes speed of capturing faster, but also effectively speeds up the device's Live Image display which is used for composing and focusing the image on the computer monitor. Sinar's hardware-based Live Image quality is the industry's best—you must see it to believe just how good it can be!

Sinarback eVolution series backs feature a dual Peltier + Fan cooling system. And this ensures the same quality from one end of the day to the other. Even when things hot up during day-long or double-shift studio sessions. And this also impacts positively towards a prolonged service life, adding value to protect your investment, long after the decision to purchase the Sinarback was made.

Whether using 4-shot or 1-shot modes, the exported 16-bit TIF file- size is ~288 MB.
In 1-shot mode, the Sinarback eVolution86 H has a RAW file size of 105 MB. ( 288 MB as a 16-bit TIF)

The real difference is in how colours in the the two modes are sampled...
In 4-shot mode, thanks to controlled piezo-electric shifting of the Bayer array, there's a significant increase in the image's colour resolution and it's this which leads to outstanding image quality.

Colour sampling with four-shot MS is:
R = 100% G = 200% B = 100%

As opposed to one-shot sampling of:
R = 25% G = 50% B = 25%

One of the major benefits of shooting with a multi-shot back over a one-shot back is a significant improvement to the contour sharpness of the image. This is especially evident when using HR lenses. Fine structures in the image are beautifully resolved with clear demarcation of detail and colours around contours. And colours are cleaner. The rendition and accuracy of colours and micro-detail is unparalled in a multi-shot image. And finally, 4-shot mode provides superior neutrals which are distincly more uniform than their 1-shot mode counterpart.

And of course for moving subjects, the eVolution86H shoots in 1-shot mode too—and this allows you to shoot your image in both modes—for subsequent image-blending options in post-production.

Please make an appointment to come by and see the difference for yourself—seeing is believing!

Thanks to Sinar's extensive range of Adapter Kits, the Sinarback eVolution86 H is an open-system device and hence is adaptable to multiple camera platforms. It is suitable for use with both View Cameras and Medium Format cameras. The available camera adapter kits are identical to those available for the Sinarback eVolution75 H and the Sinarback 54M/MC.

The Sinarback eVolution86 H will be delivered in a cardboard box with the following items:
• Sinarback eVolution86 H
• CD with Sensor Reference Data
• CD with Sinar CaptureShop Software
• Firewire Cable 1394b, 4.5m
• Sinarback Piezo Calibration Chart
• Gray Card
• White Shading Diffusor 100
• Cleaning Kit Digital

Please note that the Sinarback eVolution75 H is now delivered in a cardboard box too. The reason for the change is that many customers didn’t use the hard case once the Sinarback eVolution had been installed onto their camera system.
The other reason is the very attractive pricing which forces Sinar to save some costs!
The new scope of delivery is valid with immediate effect.
Of course the hard case for the Sinarback eVolution can be ordered separately at any time.

Application: Digital camera back for 1- and 4-shot exposures with all types of light sources
CCD sensor type: Dalsa FTF 6080 C, RGB Mosaic Filter, Full Frame Technology
Active sensor size: 48.0 x 36.0 mm
Sensor resolution: 8082 x 6042 pixels, 48.8 million pixels
CCD pixel size: 6 x 6 μm
Image ratio: 4:3
File size RAW: (16 bit DNG) 1-shot 105 MB, 4-shot 292 MB
File size 48 bit TIFF: 288 MB
File size 24 Bit TIFF: 144 MB
Capture rate: Up to 13 images per minute
Live image: Yes
Exposure time: 1/4000 to 32 seconds
Dynamic range: (contrast) 12 f-stops
Digitalization: 48 bit (16 bit per color channel)
Cooling: Peltier and fan
Nominal sensitivity: ISO 50 (adjustable from 50 to 800)
Piezo micro-scanning: Yes
Interface: 1x IEEE 1394B Firewire (800 Mbps)
Power supply: Alternatively via Firewire or external 12 volt power supply
Operation mode: Tethered (data storage via Firewire cable directly on hard disk)
Exposure softwar:e Sinar CaptureShop™ 6 and higher
Dimensions: 90 x 85 x 73 mm
Weight: 500 g
Camera adapters Sinar p3/p2/p/x view cameras, Sinar arTec, Sinar m, Sinar Hy6, Sinarcam 2; Contax 645 AF;
Fuji GX 680 I, II, III; Hasselblad V, H1, H2; Mamiya RZ 67/Pro II, RB 67, 645 AFD, AFD II, 645
Pro, Pro TL; Rolleiflex 6001, 6003, 6008, 6008 Integral,
6008 Integral2, 6008 AF. Any non-Sinar 4x5" view cameras via Graflock adapter
Computer requirements: (recommended)
Apple Macintosh with Intel Core Duo 2 GHz or faster,
OS 10.4.11 or higher (preferable 10.6.4), 4 GB RAM, IEEE 1394b Interface

The offical introduction to the market was during Photokina in Cologne from September 21st to 26th, 2010.
The first shipment of the Sinarback eVolution86 H has been received and is now installed, however, backs are in extremely short supply due to the demand. It's worth waiting though, I assure you!

• Please contact me for current prices.
• The above promotion cannot be combined with any other offers and replaces previous offers.
• A nominal installation fee applies—subject to location.

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Sinar offers a large variety of adapter kits which enable the adaptation of Sinarback digital backs to every Sinar camera and virtually any professional medium format camera.

Adapter Kits SB eMotion

552.36.070 SB eMotion/Hasselblad V Adapter Kit
$ 2,178.00
552.36.071 SB eMotion/Mamiya RZ 67 Adapter Kit
$ 1,980.00
552.36.075 SB eMotion/Mamiya 645 AFD Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.076 SB eMotion/Mamiya 645 Pro Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.077 SB eMotion/Contax 645 Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.079 SB eMotion/Hasselblad H1 Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.082 SB eMotion/Sinar m Adapter Kit
$ 1,243.00
552.36.085 SB eMotion/Sinar Hy6 Revolv.Adapt. Kit
$ 2,585.00

Adapter Kits SB eSprit

552.36.070 SB eMotion/Hasselblad V Adapter Kit
$ 2,178.00
552.36.075 SB eMotion/Mamiya 645 AFD Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.079 SB eMotion/Hasselblad H1 Adapter Kit
$ 2,051.50
552.36.085 SB eMotion/Sinar Hy6 Revolv.Adapt. Kit
$ 2,585.00

Adapter Kits SB eVolution

552.45.030 SB 54M-86H/Sinar 4x5 Adapter Kit
$ 1,595.00
552.45.032 SB 54M-86H/Sinar m Adapter Kit
$ 588.50
552.45.033 SB 54M-86H/Sinar p3 Adapter Kit
$ 1,221.00
552.45.036 SB 54M-86H/Sinar Hy6 Adapter Kit
$ 1,221.00
552.45.041 SB 54M-86H/Mamiya RZ 67 Adapter Kit
$ 1,760.00
552.45.042 SB 54M-86H/Fuji GX 680 Adapter Kit
$ 1,760.00
552.45.043 SB 54M-86H/Rollei 6008 Adapter Kit
$ 2,464.00
552.45.044 SB 54M-86H/Mamiya RB 67 Adapter Kit
$ 1,358.50
552.45.045 SB 54M-86H/Mamiya 645 AFD Adapter Kit
$ 1,358.50
552.45.047 SB 54M-86H/Contax 645 Adapter Kit
$ 1,243.00
552.45.050 SB 54M-86H/Hasselblad GEN Adapter Kit
$ 1,815.00


Prices subject to variation without notice.
Prices include GST