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Kodak Supreme II Scanner Technologies
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What is Fluid Mounting?
Fluid-mounting improves the quality of any scan!
Whether it's a scan from clean and pristine film, a high-resolution scan over 800% magnification, or a scan from less-perfect films with physical abrasions such as cracks and scratches. Fluid-mounting eliminates the many air-to-glass surfaces present—by converting the entire image/glass stack into a single "lens" with only two air-to-glass surfaces. The benefit in image quality is huge when compared to non-fluid scans. There's better contour sharpness—due to less refraction, the image looks smoother—whilst retaining the essential appearance of grain—and there's no significant aliasing or optical distortions caused by the illumination source itself. (Callier effect) Another major benefit is there's significantly less spotting required! All of this translates into scans which can be reproduced larger, whilst retaining their true film-like characteristics.

Fluid Mount Sample Image
Images from 35mm colour negative film, one dry scan and one scanned in fluid. Detail at 400%. Roll-over the image for the fluid-mount version...

fluid-mounted example

What is MaxDR?
Essentially it's Kodak's use of CCD dynamic cooling and MaxDR technologies which result in a maximum density value of 4.5D. The CCD dynamic cooling system monitors temperature and humidity, and actively cools the CCD for optimum sensitivity and maximum shadow detail.
MaxDR (for Maximum Dynamic Range) improves shadow detail in dark to mid-tone areas for superb image quality. The Kodak Supreme series of scanners is the only Kodak scanner with this important feature. Similar technology is available on certain models of Leaf and Sinar digital backs.
What is XY-Stitch?
XY Stitch ensures high resolution, consistent sharpness and quality, regardless
of original size. Since other scanners cannot perform stitching, they use
zooming, causing resolution to drop drastically as image size is increased.
The maximum un-interpolated optical resolution for the Supreme II scanner is 5600dpi.
The maximum interpolated resolution is 14,000 dpi.
Prints from 35mm film have been made as long as 4.0 metres from these files.
And XY Stitch adds versatility by allowing you to use the entire 305 x 432 mm / 12 x 17 in. surface.

xy stitch demo