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About This Service

For transparent originals there are two methods of scanning; DRY-mounted and WET-mounted. The image-quality differences–plus some additional features found in the Kodak Supreme scanners we use—can be seen here.

Scanning resolutions supported up to 5600 dpi optical for all formats.

All scans scanned at the requested optical resolution—never interpolated.

Scans supplied as 16-bit per-channel RGB tif files.

No sharpening applied.

Black & White images scanned as RGB positives.

Full-range positive-mode transparent scans up to a maximum density of 4.5D
The entire image range is usually digitised without clipping—making these superb scans for subsequent editing and creative tonal refinement!

Colour Management

All scans produced in a fully colour-managed ICC workflow.
The Kodak oXYgenScan scanning software is set up to convert from the scanner's input profile to an L* perceptually linear workspace profile. Currently we're using Chrome Space 100 (J. Holmes). More information about Joe's excellent profiles can be found here.
In the event another workspace profile is preferred, such as eciRGB_v2—which is better suited for use with jobs destined for the Print-Publishing industry, please indicate your preference when ordering.

Additional Services

Print-ready scans available, however, additional charges apply and we'll need to know your specifications for output when ordering.

Perhaps you'd like to order both Scanning and Printing for your entire edition or show?
Please ask for a quotation.

For any other custom scanning or special requirements—please contact us.

Image-Editing and print optimisation Service available at the per-hour cost of $100.00, minimum 30 minutes.

How to Order

To order scans, please download this order form and send it in with your photographs and payment to the address indicated. For transparent scans, please be sure to specify the correct order code to differentiate whether it’s DRY or WET that are required.

A flat charge of $15.00 applies for CD or DVD preparation per order.

Courier charges or postage fees, passed on at cost.

Discounts offered for volume jobs, please contact us.

What You Need to Know

It is necessary for you to make adjustments to optimise the supplied files for printing.

The scans are intended to be full-range with more editing headroom than scans which have had end-points set and possibly data clipped.

Basic dust and scratch retouching is required, less so for fluid mount scans.

We endeavour to produce the most colour-accurate raw scans possible—not usually an issue for scans made from transparencies—as the transparency serves as a reference, however, this is not always the case for scans made from colour negatives—especially when there are no memory colours present in the image. Since the scanner operator wasn't present at the scene when the picture was made supplying a print or proof sheet to be used as reference with colour negatives is an advantage.

Please be aware that it may be necessary to cut individual frames from film strips to facilitate the process of fluid mounting. (Some film strips are too springy)
Please advise us if this presents a problem to you.

Reflective-Mode Scans
From Colour & Black & White Prints

| Documents | Artwork up to A3 in size

| Reflective Scans Price List |

Scanning resolutions of 600 & 1200 PPI offered.
Resolutions up to 5600 ppi optical are supported for smaller sections.

All scans produced in a fully colour-managed ICC workflow and supplied as 16-bit per-channel RGB tif files.
Full-range positive-mode reflective scans up to a maximum density of 4.0—to easily encompass the range of reflective originals. These scans are superb for subsequent editing and tonal refinement! The Kodak oXYgenScan scanning software is set up to convert from the scanner's input profile to an L* perceptually linear workspace profile. The one we're currently using is Chrome Space 100 (J. Holmes). More information about Joe's excellent profiles can be found here. However, in the event another workspace profile is preferred, such as eciRGB_v2—which is better suited for use in jobs destined for the print publishing industry, please notify us in advance of your preference.


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From Supplied Print-Ready Files | Scanned Files | Digital Camera Files
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Printed with the Epson 11880 Printer using Epson's Ultrachrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink set supporting dual black-ink modes for both Glossy and Matt media types.

This service uses Custom Media Profiles made with either a Gretag Macbeth Spectroscan, ISIS or Eye-One Spectrophotometer.

Highest patch-count targets used to make glossy media profiles.

Printable Width up to 59.5" (1511.3 cm)—subject to media availability.

Maximum Print Length up to 1000" or 25.4 metres—subject to media availability. Additional charges may apply to optimise files for printing.

Fine-Art Digital Printing Price List—priced linearly. | download |



| Custom ICC Printer Profiles |
Custom ICC print/output profiles————————————————————————$165.00
To build your custom output profiles we use either the X-Rite Eye-One, Eye One iSis or the Gretag Macbeth Spectrolino/Spectroscan device—subject to media choice.
The Isis makes two measurements—one with and one without UV filter.
The Isis uses a new LED light source which is very effective at dealing with fluorescent or optical brightening agents (OBA's) present in many ink jet papers.

We use Bill Atkinson's custom profile targets.

You print the targets—we measure the prints and create a custom ICC profile for you to use in any ColorSync/ICC/ICM aware application. Profiles are suitable for use with either Macintosh or Windows platforms.
Simply download the appropriate target files with instructions.
Please download one target appropriate for your printer:

For A4 sized printers
Target is two A4 pages 21.0 x 29.7cm / 8.5 x 9.3 in;
use these BA_RGB_IsisTarget_2p_A4 targets.

For A3 or larger size printers

Target is 29.7 x 42.0 cm) or larger;
use this one-page RGB 1728 Eye-One iSisXL Target.

For output to CMYK devices

Target is 25.4 x 41.3 cm/10.00x16.26in or larger.
Certain RIP's, printing presses, contract proofs;
use this CMYK 1617 Eye-One iSisXL Target.
You may need to Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) + click the above links for the download to commence.
The files are Zipped for Macintosh or Windows users.
In the event you have problems extracting/unzipping the files, please download and install the latest version of StuffIt Expander for Mac & Windows.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN (inkjet printers)
Please confirm all your inks are firing!
It's important to perform a head clean, nozzle check and head alignment before printing the targets. The color patches should print as a solid clean color.


Do not alter data in the target files in any way.
The files must be printed at their 100% original size as per the download—even if you get a warning from your printer that clipping may occur. They are 16-bit mode files. We recommend you use the included type layer to label the targets using Photoshop's type tool. If necessary, you can resample to 8-bit mode for printing should your printer driver NOT support 16-bit files.

Do not assign a profile or a workspace.
When the target(s) are opened in Photoshop, a "Missing Profile" warning may be triggered which asks "What would you like to do?"
Please be sure you; "Leave as is (don't color manage) " dialogue box

How to Determine Printer Driver Settings

Opening the targets in Photoshop "unmanaged" is the first step.
However, and perhaps equally important is " what specific driver settings do you intend to use for the printer and media at hand." Of course this varies from printer manufacturer to printer manufacturer —as each driver is different and each company has their own range of generic media types such as matt, glossy & fine art.
However, what's important to understand is that printer driver settings control the volume of ink delivered—which black ink will be used—the dithering / quality / print speed settings and the paper thickness settings of the driver.

We highly recommend you refer to the paper manufacturer's technical data sheet in advance of printing targets in order to determine which printer maker's media is the equivalent for the media you want to profile! For example; if you were profiling a smooth Canson Rag Photographique 310 gsm sheet stock, an appropriate choice on an Epson printer would be "Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Sheet"—and NOT a glossy media type such as Epson Premium Glossy in which case the driver would use the wrong black ink resulting in a lesser quality profile.

No Color Management in Driver

We highly recommend using "no color adjustment" or " no color management" settings—or their equivalent in the printer driver! We also suggest you save the settings to a preset labeled for your specific media. Doing so makes recalling these important settings a breese and importantly—consistent. The printer must remain set to the settings used to print the test targets—without any colour management—and without any automatic adjustment!
Doing so almost guarantees the driver will alter your data when the purpose is to set up the driver and keep it consistent so the printer can be profiled.


The printout(s) should not crop the lines of black triangles on each side of the target(s).
The lines of black triangles should be approximately 203mm side to side when printed.
target showing alignment triangles

Please allow the targets to dry, in a dark place—say in a large box or drawer to stabilise for an entire day.

Send us the printed targets.
We recommend interleaving with tissue paper or the like. Please make sure the prints don't rattle around where they could scuff together making them useless if damaged.
Please send the targets without folding them—or you could damage the printed patches!
The patches must be clean and clear.

And please be sure to add your Email address so we can send the custom profile(s) to you upon completion.


The fee is A$165.00 including GST.
Please pay in advance with PayPal via the Payments link on the menu bar.
Direct deposits accepted—account details can be found here.

Please note the following about delivery and turn-around times.
Profiles are usually built within 48 hours of receipt.
We're in an Australia Post region for Next Day delivery.
For any remaining questions, please contact us.


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| Display Profile|
Custom ICC Display/Monitor Profiling——————————————————————$165.00*
We use the Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer or X-Rite Display 2 Colorimeter to build your Display profile.

* As this service is conducted on-site, travelling expenses will be incurred.
* Price includes GST.

Please contact us to determine the total cost based on your location.
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    Fast-track the acquisition of knowledge on the many technical aspects and processes involved in Photography and Digital Imaging. Specific courses can be tailored to fill gaps in your understanding—to clarify and enhance your imaging competence—and to provide inspiration for your creative and artistic endeavours.

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