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About David Kay
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Two events impacted significantly on David Kay while touring SE Asia as a youngster with a rock band: he met his wife-to-be Boopparat and spent some useful time with a British photographer, who taught him the basics of photography: how to compose a shot and frame the subject so that it ‘sat’ in the frame in such a fashion that delighted the eye. So, David played with the band by night and fired up his camera by day, sending off rolls of 25 ASA Kodachrome back to Oz, then feverishly waited for weeks for the Thailand-Oz-Thailand trip to return his processed trannies. The band split up but his passion for photography was significantly ignited. On returning to Australia David was keen to apply his new found skills but the shock that awaited him was the discovery that photographic equipment was prohibitively expensive. He lucked in by finding a job at Paxton Photographics in George Street, Sydney. Not only did he fall into a paying job but he quickly became affluent enough to buy his first ‘real’ camera — a Pentax 6x7. Now in the industry for over 35 years he admits that he has never really lost his passion for shooting stills. One significant memory is when David was offered a job working for Max Dupain. Naturally he was rather nervous at the prospect of showing his darkroom prints to both Max and Jill White, his printer — but, after a deafening silence where the Master simply looked at print after print without saying anything, Max slowly raised his head to ask "Who taught you to print?" David replied "Ansel Adams" — followed by a pause, then added "from his books." Max responded with "Ansel's work is rather cold and clinical, there's much more warmth in yours." As it turned out he didn't take the job, so instead David joined the staff of pro photo import company Baltronics. He recalls it as a time when he gained first-hand experienced of the digital age. This was in the days when cameras with four megapixel sensors cost over $100,000! During that time he was personally responsible for the sales and support of several hundred high-end digital capture devices to professional photographers, Government departments, Printers and Pre Press Bureaux.

Today, David runs Capture Scan Print which specialises in sales of the superb Swiss professional camera systems from Sinar Photography. In addition, he offers services to the fine art exponents and professional photographers such as custom scanning and digital inkjet printing. However, David's love of pure photography endures: he is forever searching for the perfect picture … captured digitally mostly these days—and of course captured with a Sinar!